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Residential Services

Knowing where the legal boundaries of your property are is a good first step toward protecting your investment. However, SurveyPros offers a complete set of services that help you manage your property throughout all phases of ownership. Having a survey done may seem like a headache but SurveyPros makes it easy and having the right information beforehand can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and construction costs. Whether you are planning on building a fence, a driveway or an addition, it pays to understand where you can legally build or dig safely on your land. 

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are one of our most requested services. They typically include property corners, building lines, easements and other important features. 

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Easement Surveys

Simply stated, easements grant others access to land to which they have no ownership interest. Call us to find out where the easements are on your land.

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Underground Utilities

Always locate underground utility lines before you dig. There is a free national service available by calling 811. Private underground utilities must be located by a private service. 

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Subdivision Plats

When dividing an existing lot into two or more lots, you will need to file an application with the local jurisdiction. Contact us and we can help you navigate the application process.

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Elevation Certificates

Do you know if your property is in or near a floodplain? Find out before you buy and make sure you obtain an elevation certificate if you plan on building in or near the floodplain.

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Building Permit Site Plans

Building permits typically require that you submit a site plan indicating the footprint of the proposed building relative to property lines and setbacks. SurveyPro can help you with preparing site plans.

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