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Know Your Boundaries

As a landowner you devote a great deal of time and resources to maintaining and improving your property. For many landowners, their real property is the most valuable asset they own. Knowing where your property boundaries are can help you manage your investment more responsibly. Call us today to have your property surveyed by a professional land surveyor. 

Planning on Building a Fence or Addition?

Before you build that fence or building addition, it's important to know where your legal property boundaries are. There are setbacks and building lines that dictate how close to the property lines you can build. A boundary and utility survey can help you protect your investment in a new fence or addition. Know before you build. Call us to schedule a boundary and utility survey today!

Real Estate Transaction in Your Future?

Thinking of purchasing a home or some land? A survey can reveal important facts like where the boundaries are or where utility easements may exist that affect how the property can be developed in the future. Ask your real estate agent if there is a recent survey of the property before you make an offer. Call us today to get us on your team as you begin your search for a new home or parcel of land.

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